Nailsea Medical Centre

December 19, 2021

Following a swift and short planning process, preliminary works to Nailsea's Medical Centre, Tower House are developing quickly with construction set to commence  Mid Janurary 2022!

The proposed changes to the Centre are a response to the fundamental shift in operational approaches to healthcare following the COVID-19 pandemic. This includes the proposed permanent implementation of a one-way system through the Centre, to streamline circulation of patients going in and out and reduce unnecessary contact amongst patients and healthcare workers, in turn reducing the spread of diseases (COVID-19 or otherwise) around the building.

This solution has resulted in the proposal of a new entrance/lobby extension, a 12m2‘glazed box’ structure on the other side of the stair tower to the existing entrance, which will become the exit. Stepped and ramped access is proposed up to the new entrance. The design intent is to create a strong sense of arrival and a visual hierarchy over the ‘exit side’ of the building to ensure clarity as to where you enter the building from.

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